PranaQ Research Device

AI-powered wearable medical device continuously monitoring patient biosignals

We are distinguished by our innovative biomedical signal processing. Our wearable medical device is equipped with cutting-edge sensors for SpO2 and heart rate monitoring for patients, clinical trials, and product validation. Our technological advantage is backed by extensive clinical research.

What do we provide?

clinical research device with real-time SpO2 and pulse rate
Real-time SpO2 and pulse rate
secure data transfer PranaQ research device
Offline solutions for a confidential project
PPG data PranaQ research device
High resolution PPG data
Clinical research respiratory info
Respiratory information available
data management PranaQ reserach device
Convenient data management and labeling tool
auto-triggered signal PranaQ research device
Signal processing algorithm for your project

Key Benefits

Our services ensure precise remote data collection that measures respiration and cardiac information using clinically validated physiological parameters and biomarkers. In addition, our devices are simple for patients to operate and do not require installation assistance from technicians. Additionally, our devices ensure a non-intrusive, wireless, and rechargeable experience.

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