About Us

At PranaQ we....

I. Focus on patient-centric solutions for improved sleep health. 
II. Provide easy-to-use AI powered wearable technology. 
III. Advocate for user wellness and enhanced quality of life.

We believe everyone should benefit from excellent healthcare.

PranaQ is a trusted digital healthcare company, helping navigate the vast world of healthcare technology. Our groundbreaking AI-enabled decision support systems have increased the efficiency in diagnosing breathing and sleep disorders. Since our inception, we have defined and demystified what it means to live a healthy life on the inside and out.

Our features include: 

  • User-friendly wearable medical devices 
  • Biomedical signal processing AI-powered algorithms that detect and analyze important medical parameters 
  • Precise and timely digital health solutions delivered efficiently

Our Mission

We believe in the future of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) and digital healthcare. Our goal is to equip individuals with greater knowledge of their health conditions, grant them control over their medical treatments, and to enhance their quality of life. Ultimately, by providing more effective and seamlessly integrated healthcare solutions, we enable our users to gain greater understanding of their health conditions.

Technology and Clinical Validation

PranaQ is revolutionizing digital healthcare by providing a healthcare platform that connects patients to knowledge through the application of technology and innovation. Our technology’s key features include:

  • Innovative biomedical signal processing and extensive clinical studies 
  • Groundbreaking AI-enabled decision support systems 
  • Improved efficiency of diagnosing breathing and sleep disorders

We provide innovative services through advanced digital healthcare.