Sleep Health Revolutionized

We develop AI-powered medical wearables
for improved sleep health

We believe in patient wellness, sleep health and empowerment.

User-friendly medical sleep tracker


User-friendly device designed for maximum comfort.

Accurate medical device for sleep monitoring


State-of-the-art reading of SpO2, pulse rate, and other health parameters.

long term continuous monitoring


Our reusable device can be used as a long-term monitoring solution.

PranaQ aims to make the process of achieving better sleep as seamless as possible with professional grade accuracy, all the while empowering you to gain control of your medical treatments and build knowledge of your health conditions.

Getting started with TipTraQ, PranaQ's Sleep Tracker,
in four simple steps

PranaQ active TipTraQ to start sleep test

Receive and activate device

Receive the device via home delivery.

connect TipTraQ to app and start sleep test recording

Pair TipTraQ and conduct sleep test

Pair the device to PranaQ's smartphone app and conduct a sleep test overnight.

Upload results

The sleep data is collected and uploaded to the cloud where our AI-powered algorithm detects any abnormalities and provides analytics.

PranaQ receive sleep report the following day

Sleep Report

Receive a sleep report and customized sleep quality improvement program with professional guidance.

At PranaQ, we are dedicated to providing end-to-end support throughout the whole process:
Home sleep test, evaluation, and tracking.

PranaQ's TipTraQ: Our Sleep Tracker

Introducing an Innovative Sleep Analysis Device

Our sleep health and wellness services utilize eco-friendly, comfortable and user-friendly sleep tracking technology. We believe that everyone deserves a higher standard of life; we make this possible by enhancing patient sleep quality.

This value is what unifies us at PranaQ.

PranaQ reusable eco-friendly wearable sleep device


PranaQ rechargeable sleep tracker


What PranaQ Sleep Tracker guarantees:

  • Secure data transfer 
  • Detailed analysis of patient sleep metrics 
  • Fast results – receive your complete sleep metrics report the very next day 
  • Tailored Program for better sleep – receive personalized professional guidance for clear results

We provide exceptional healthcare technology with a personalized touch.


We use data-driven insights to provide personalized medical diagnoses.

PranaQ TipTraQ device sensor

Multispectral Sensor

Accurately records health data and transfers automatically to mobile app.

PranaQ hemodynamics PPG processing

(PPG Processing)

Non-invasively monitors heart rate and measures blood oxygen saturation levels.

PranaQ algorithm

AI Algorithm

Extracts parameters used to diagnose and manage sleep apnea.

Comprehensive research has been conducted for improved efficiency in diagnosing breathing and sleep disorders. 

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Hours of Sleep Data
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Sleep Event Annotations
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  • Unique and innovative physiological signal processing 
  • Groundbreaking AI-enabled decision making support systems 
  • Extensive clinical trials resulting in continuous algorithm development and enhancement

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Curious about how our device
can be leveraged for research purposes?

All of this is done to increase the accuracy of identifying breathing and sleep disorders.

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