PranaQ Sleep Health Technology Wins Red Dot Smart Product Award

We are thrilled to announce that PranaQ has won the Red Dot Design Award for our innovative and smart device. The Red Dot Award is considered one of the most prestigious international design awards, receiving thousands of entries from designers and organizations around the world. Product, communication and conceptual design are among the areas recognized by the competition; our device has gained recognition in the Smart Award category. 

This means that our device’s features enable it to connect with other devices to help users sleep better. In other words, by sensing physiological signals and analyzing the user’s sleep patterns in real time, our device can potentially communicate with other smart devices to create a better sleep environment. Functions include adjusting temperature, lighting and noise levels to ensure a restful sleeping experience for the user.

In addition, given the growing trend of smart medical technology, our breakthrough product will contribute to this rapidly growing field. This is because wearable medical devices (devices that patients wear to monitor a variety of health parameters) are one of the most popular fields of smart MedTech. Another important area is remote monitoring, which allows physicians to monitor patients’ vitals remotely.  Our device has both key functions.

As a company, we are incredibly honored to be recognized for our contribution to the development of sleep health technologies. We aim to provide the best quality sleep possible, as we believe it is essential for overall health and well-being. We are also grateful to Red Dot for the recognition, which solidifies our position as an innovator in the sleep health/smart tech industry. We could not be prouder. 

We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of sleep health technology to improve the lives of our users and revolutionize the future of sleep health.

PranaQ Red Dot Award Smart Device Category